Meet the Winners of Forex Ride!

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Below you will find winners of Forex Ride round that was held between Monday 28th and Friday 2nd of October 2015. Total 939 participants.

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Winners of Forex Ride round

Name: Nguyen Van Nam
Contest Nickname: nguyennam
Age: 31           
Profession: Factory Employee
Ranking: 1st place, "Asia division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Vietnam
For five years now I have been trading currencies. I learned about Forex from the internet. In my opinion, what matters the most for a trader to be more effective is their emotional control. Traders must always keep a rational mind functioning to determine when to open and close positions. To keep myself informed, I always follow trading signals. That way I get to have a more calculated trading strategy. In the ForexBall, I have been in six rounds already. This is my first time to place in the Top Three and it makes me so happy to be able to place 1st. To win, I applied a good balance of technical and fundamental approaches. For the other participants, my advice is for you to always carefully plan your trades.

Name: Muhammad Dawood
Contest Nickname: dawood
Age: 34
Profession: Trader
Ranking: 2nd place, "Asia division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Pakistan

I would like to thank the ForexBall for always giving us the chance to measure our trading skills and trading strategies. In my view, it is very significant for traders to have the right mind-set to be able to successfully trade and profit. Never give up when confronted with market problems. Always strive hard to have the best outcome. Greetings to all other participants, and I wish you all the best of luck!

Name: Saman Gunarathna
Contest Nickname: saman123123
Age: 24
Profession: -
Ranking: 3rd place, "Asia division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Sri Lanka 
Thanks to the ForexBall for organizing the competition. I think, to become a winner, you must follow the market trend and trade with fundamental and psychological factors. The market is full of opportunities. I have constantly been studying from professional trading websites. By doing so, I got to update myself as regards important, current market data. I have participated in the ForexBall several times already. In the trading contest, I had to really gather enough patience in my trading performance to be able to maximize my chances of profiting. Generally, I consider myself as a fundamental trader. I keep myself on the lookout for various economic news that can significantly impact my trading. I value the experience that I had being a participant in the ForexBall. I am so proud that I was able to win first place. My advice to the other participants is to have patience—lots and lots of it!

Name: Peter Zsolt
Contest Nickname: zsoli66
Age: 39
Profession: Storekeeper
Ranking: 1st place, "Europe division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 3rd time
Country: Romania
My success story is very brief. I traded both GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY due to their market volatility. I relied on both technical and fundamental factors. Economic indicators really helped me a lot. In the ForexBall, I learned from my experience, to never give up.

Name: Virgil Enusoiu
Contest Nickname: gimi
Age: 54
Profession: Engineer
Ranking: 2nd place, "Europe division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 3rd time
Country: Romania

I became very interested with trading currencies in 2010 after seeing internet advertisements about trading. In my opinion, the most important factor in trading is the mental facet, the way the trader thinks. Whenever I have time to spare, I read a lot about Forex. For more than 30 rounds in the ForexBall now, I have not won any prize apart from what I just won now. I am so pleased with this great achievement.

Name: Rafal Zielonko
Contest Nickname: belon
Age: 41
Profession: -
Ranking: 3rd place, "Europe division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Poland

I am very pleased that for the third time I won the prize in the competition again. I have been trading in the Forex market for several years now. I prefer technical analysis and PA. I think that a well-designed trading plan helps a lot in making appropriate trading decisions. In the ForexBall, I like the fact that each round lasts only five days.

Name: Lorena Emperador Herrero
Contest Nickname: lemperador
Age: 40           
Profession: Psychologist
Ranking: 1st place, "Ibero-America division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 5th time
Country: Spain
As in my previous victory, I followed the same trading pattern; I just made some minor adjustments. To win, I first had to select the market. No doubt for me that it should be silver, as it is the most volatile by far. My partner has made several indicators and one of them is called CPR and this indicator is what I used to win again.

Name: Fabrizio Bongelli
Contest Nickname: yyeettii
Age: 56           
Profession: Technician
Ranking: 2nd place, "Ibero-America division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Spain
Looking for alternatives to the traditional investment instruments, I started trading Forex a couple years ago. In my opinion, a trader must a significant amount of time understanding the behavior of different financial instruments. I follow the economic calendar for the week and some economic news websites as well. I also read a lot about technical analyses; I join in forums and attend webinars. In the ForexBall, I have been in more or less twenty rounds already. In the trading contest, my approach was to continue to trade high volatility instruments. For all other participants, my advice would be to have the discipline to wait for the right moment to open and close positions.

Name: Nelson Roman Jara Villasanti
Contest Nickname: nelnan
Age: 30           
Profession: Waiter
Ranking: 3rd place, "Ibero-America division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Spain
Since 2011, I have been trading in the Forex market. In the beginning, I was merely studying trading currencies. Later on, I began trading on a Demo account. In Forex trading, having enough discipline and determination will give you rewards. Presently, I continue improving my strategies by constantly studying more about the market. For the trading competition, I relied heavily on economic news since they cause price movements when published. In order to follow economic news, I used the economic calendar. My advice to other participants is that if you want to be a great trader you will have to be consistent with your trading style.

Name: Igor Kovtun
Contest Nickname: golovin21
Age: 55           
Profession: Unemployed
Ranking: 2nd place, "Russia and CIS division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Russia
For three years now, I have been trading currencies. I discovered Forex from a site about MetaTrader 4. I believe to be able to succeed one must have enough patience and hard work. I consistently train myself to further improve my skills and capabilities. In the ForexBall, I have participated for 57 times already. I was enticed to join the contest because of the attractive prizes. I am very happy to make it to the Top Three. This is an outstanding achievement for myself.

Name: Drogichin Alexander
Contest Nickname: Alsedr
Age: 50           
Profession: -
Ranking: 3rd place, Russia and CIS division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Belarus
Since 2006, I have been seriously studying methodologies on how I can properly manage my finances. One day, I encountered a trading broker’s ad on the internet and decided to try that out. I read articles online and I followed several technical analyses very seriously. For 45 times, I have tried and tried in the ForexBall competition. I enjoyed each round because every single one gave me so much opportunity to practice my trading abilities. In my trading, I always followed the market trends. Practicing technical trading, I generally studied graphs and charts to determine my next move. I also rely on the economic calendar. In the competition, I encourage every participant to always persevere with discipline. Always view failure as an occasion for improvement rather than a tragedy.

Name: Thangapandi Thangaraj
Contest Nickname: pandi
Age: 28           
Profession: -
Ranking: 1st place, "Rest of the World division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: United Arab Emirates
First of all, I would like to thank the ForexBall for continuously giving us the opportunity to improve our trading skills and strategies. I started trading in 2013. Personally, I believe it is very crucial for traders to have patience and the right mental disposition to be able to effectively trade and profit. Never give up when faced with market obstacles. Always aim hard to have the best possible results. To all other participants, I wish you all the best of luck!

Name: Adigun Faderera Esther
Contest Nickname: mamafx
Age: 55           
Profession: Accountant
Ranking: 3rd place, "Rest of the World division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Nigeria
About two years ago, I discovered about trading currencies. Since then, I have been actively trading Forex. In my experience, I have realized that patience, focus, and discipline are very crucial when trading; and that from them, a trader can derive timeliness in placing positions. To keep myself updated about the market, I follow forecasts of trading experts and monitor trading charts. I also watch economic news, and I read a lot of Forex books to brush up on my trading know-hows. I have participated for many times in the ForexBall competition, and I traded NZD/USD using classical analysis. To the contestants for the next rounds, good luck; be yourself and always aspire to be better!

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