Meet the Winners of Forex Bass!

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Below you will find winners of Forex Bass round that was held between Monday 21st and Friday 25th of September 2015. Total 920 participants.
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Winners of Forex Bass round


Name: Huynh Van Khai
Contest Nickname: huynhvankhai273
Age: 27           
Profession: unemployed
Ranking: 1st place, "Asia division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Vietnam

Finding out about Forex three years ago opened a lot of doors for me in the Forex industry. In my years of trading, I learned how vital patience is when it comes to profitable trading. I always followed economic news and I made sure that I am always updated with regard the current events which impact the market. My strategy in the ForexBall was to always follow the forecasts—I followed news online with a lot of diligence. Generally, I applied fundamental approach in trading EURUSD. I monitored every single movement of the pair very closely. My advice to the other participants is to always be confident and steadfast. Thank you so much to the people behind this trading competition!

Name: Muhammad Umer Shafique
Contest Nickname: AhmedAli
Age: 21
Profession: student
Ranking: 2nd place, "Asia division"
Prize: 500USD 
Payout: 1st time
Country: Pakistan
It has been three years ago when I read some articles on the internet and got interested because trading currencies offers big opportunities of profit. Personally, I believe that a trader must come up with his/her trading plan and stick with it. Based on my experience, I have realized the importance of discipline and patience in trading Forex. One must consistently know when to enter and exit the Forex market. I always read article and e-books about Forex. Sometimes, I also join Forex forums to discuss trading opinions and strategies among members. Participating in the ForexBall for 15 times already has given me the chance to be a better trader. In the competition, I prefer use Moving Average indicators on H1 charts to define where the market will move to and also to determine the market trend. I practiced both technical and fundamental strategies, but most of my trades have been aided by technical analyses because it gave me more precision in terms of trading EURUSD and EURCAD.

Name: Gábor Ottmár
Contest Nickname: Bigpipin
Age: 35           
Profession: security guard
Ranking: 1st place, "Europe division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 3rd time
Country: Hungary
In the 69 rounds that I have participated in the ForexBall competition, I have already reached 2nd and 3rd place, so in the 70th round I tried my best to be the 1st. The Forex Bass round was really a surprise for me, because I thought I finished 2nd or at least 3rd, and I was happy either way. However, after the round ended, I realized that I fortunately finished in the first place. It was a really exciting round for me.  I am really happy with the results and with the prize. Thank you to all the organizers of the ForexBall contest.

Name: Zigurds Grevis
Contest Nickname: cff
Age: -   
Profession: -  
Ranking: 2nd place, "Europe division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Latvia 
This is already the 3rd time I obtained one of the prizes in the ForexBall competition.
My success is due to my patience; I wait for the best moment to open positions, as well as for closing them. However, if I'm not sure about the market movements, I just wait for a better position to open a new order. My solution: use the opportunity to get the free account from Admiral Markets, because it is not too difficult to complete their requirements.

Name: Ojari Lauk
Contest Nickname: kaktuseviin
Age: 40           
Profession: team leader
Ranking: 3rd place, "Europe division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 3rd time
Country: Estonia

In 2011, I began trading when my girlfriend introduced Forex to me. I became so interested with trading currencies. Personally, I believe it is important to know how to manage your funds well. To further learn about Forex, I read a lot of materials from the web about trading Forex. In the ForexBall, I have already joined a lot of times. During the competition, I used Moving Average. I did my best to keep a clear mind to be able to make rational trading decisions. In the rounds I participated on, I have learned how important it is to control risks—to keep them at minimum. I encourage other traders to always follow their trading plan no matter what.

Name: Antonio Juan Gonzales Marcelino
Contest Nickname: tonymarcelino
Age: 43           
Profession: administrative staff
Ranking: 2nd place, "Ibero-America division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Spain

For a year now, I have been trading currencies for a living. I educate myself about Forex by reading articles online. I believe patience plays a very important role in the success of a trader. In the ForexBall, I have already joined 3 rounds. The competition was fun. My approach was generally technical, but I supported my technical analyses with fundamental ones. In the ForexBall, I learned how to follow trends to make my positions more profitable. My tip for the next rounds’ participants is to manage risks properly.

Name: Antonio Sanchez Serrano
Contest Nickname: Antonio1024
Age: 43           
Profession: programmer
Ranking: 3rd place, "Ibero-America division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 5th time
Country: Spain

Being a computer guy, I love playing online games. The way I look at trading in the financial markets is that it is like playing a game—one needs to have a strong strategy to succeed at reaching the goal. I enjoy going through the technical indicators on MetaTrader 4. The techy man in me motivated me to explore how the platform can help me out in executing more highly effective trades. In the ForexBall contest, I used a lot of technical indicators like the Bollinger Bands, and I used the 1H and 1W timeframes because they were more stable for my trading strategy. I also applied what I learned about the Hurst Theory in the competition. I just enjoyed myself and I never became too anxious about my strategy. In the end, I won!

Name: Aliaksandr Khajayeu
Contest Nickname: NevilFX
Age: 34           
Profession: doctor
Ranking: 1st place, "Russia and CIS division"
Prize: 100USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Belarus 
The ForexBall helped me a lot to further develop my trading skills. I read a lot of articles on the internet about how to trade currencies. I even joined multiple forums to learn from experienced traders. Eventually, I was able to learn and understand how the Forex market really works. In my whole trading experience in contest, I had to push hard to be able to win, and I was able to do so with a significant amount of patience. The contest, in my opinion, is a very helpful venue for beginners like me to explore their full potential.

Name: Maksim Makarevich
Contest Nickname: max85
Age: 30           
Profession: economist
Ranking: 2nd place, "Russia and CIS division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Belarus
Coming from the financial industry, I usually explore different financial markets. This is the primary reason why I got into trading. I learned everything I know now from the internet. It is very important for beginners to study hard about the financial markets if they are serious about getting into them. Generally, I follow the forecasts and commentaries of trading experts. So far, self-studying has been letting me get benefits. To be a profitable trader, one must always persevere. The attitude of never giving up despite circumstances is a very powerful factor that could lead a trader to earning much more beyond what one can imagine. I used technical analysis in the ForexBall. Trading Silver, I was able to place in the contest. My advice to participants is to always be calm, and never become greedy.

Name: Leonid Palamarthuk
Contest Nickname: Leonid77
Age: 38           
Profession: telecommunications engineer
Ranking: 3rd place, "Russia and CIS divison"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 3rd time
Country: Russia
I found out about the Forex market while surfing the internet. Now, I have been trading in the Forex market for quite a while. In the beginning, I was merely studying trading currencies. After profiting from half of all my trading positions, I opened a real account. In Forex trading, having enough patience and perseverance will give you rewards. Presently, I continue improving my strategies by constantly studying more about the market. For the trading competition, I relied heavily on economic news since they cause price movements when published. In order to follow economic news, I used the economic calendar. My advice to other participants is that if you want to be a great trader you will have to be very patient and disciplined with your trading style.

Name: Justice Ibeh
Contest Nickname: justicecp
Age: 35           
Profession: civil engineer
Ranking: 1st place, "Rest of the World division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Nigeria

Through the internet, I got to discover about Forex trading from advertisements. I have been trading currencies for ten years now. Proper selection of strategy is what I believe to be a very important aspect of trading. Mastering how one can properly manage capital is a great way of ensuring profit in every position executed. In participating in the ForexBall trading competition, I used both technical and fundamental analyses to trade precious metals. Winning first place for this round makes me feel immensely proud. I went ahead of the other contest participants within the final 15 minutes of the round. This is why I encourage the next rounds’ contest participants to not give up until the final second of the round. Nothing is impossible. You can definitely achieve your goals!

Name: Kasri Anouar
Contest Nickname: chamchoun
Age: 34           
Profession: mechanical technician
Ranking: 2nd place, "Rest of the World division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 4th place
Country: Morocco
I would like to thank all the organizers of the ForexBall contest because they gave us the chance to be something in the world of Forex; especially in our regions, because the contest is famous everywhere in the world. In this round, I tried to be focused on only one financial instrument. I ended up choosing XAGUSD. I determined the average direction it would take in that week. I focused on Silver because it moves fast and respect the major support and resistance levels, and stable enough not to suddenly break when strong news releases are announced.

Name: Sara Achoukhi
Contest Nickname: tv96
Age: 30           
Profession: trader
Ranking: 3rd place, "Rest of the World division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Morocco
Two years trading in the Forex market made me discover how lucrative trading currencies can become. Personally, I get a significant amount of my income from trading Forex. In trading, a trader’s success may be dependent on his/her ability to adapt to the market. Mostly, I practice trading daily and I exert effort to really master different kinds of analysis to keep myself educated about Forex. For the ForexBall, I used a lot of news analysis to trade NZDUSD. I consider myself a fundamental trader because it fits my trading preferences better. Generally, I acquired more experience. Furthermore, I was able to stretch my patience in terms of waiting for the right time to enter and exit the market.

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