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Below you will find winners of Forex Splash round that was held between Monday 14th and Friday 18th of September 2015. Total 847 participants.
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Winners of FX Splash round

Name: Ezat Khan
Contest Nickname: ezat
Age: 33           
Profession: trader
Ranking: 1st place, "Asia division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 3rd time
Country: Pakistan

I am very pleased to finally place 1st. After several efforts of participating in the contest, I have finally succeeded. I began trading Forex after learning about it from internet advertisements. In my experience, a trader’s psychological state is the most crucial aspect about trading. I believe how a trader thinks, how he/she would react toward certain market movements, these are the things that a trader has to really be extra cautious of. During my free time, I usually read a lot of technical and fundamental reviews written by experts. The internet is a very vast source of educational materials. The competition gave me an opportunity to practice and improve on my trading skills. For participants in the next rounds, never lose your patience. I wish you good luck!

Name: Galbokka Hewage Darshana Sandun Kumara
Contest Nickname: hewagegh
Age: 28
Profession: teacher
Ranking: 2nd place, "Asia division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Sri Lanka
Having the objective of securing my financial freedom, I began trading Forex one and a half years ago. Learned about it from Forex websites. In my opinion, range trading to find the support and resistance levels are crucial in trading currencies. I always follow Forex news and do my best to gain much trading experience as much as I can. This is the 29th time I joined in the ForexBall. I enjoy this contest because of its stable platform and low spreads. In the competition, I traded EUR/USD and AUD/USD with some XAG/USD. In my experience, I learned the importance of following market trends to be able to properly adjust my trading strategy. I advise everyone to pay attention to watch out for Forex news and technical indicators all the time. Good luck! Thank you very much.

Name: Janis Serpovskis
Contest Nickname: Zive
Age: 65
Profession: pensioner
Ranking: 1st place, "Europe division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Latvia
I have been trading for two years now ever since I accidentally saw advertisements about Forex on the internet. Personally, this accidental encounter led to a very profitable experience. I believe simply following trading rules and working your way to knowing more and more about trading will help a trader go a long way in terms of their trading performance. Keeping myself educated about trading currencies is quite easy. From time to time, I read internet publications to improve my understanding of how the currency market works. In the ForexBall, I have already participated in about 100 rounds. In this round, I traded with using Bollinger bands and Fibonacci. I used technical analysis to determine which instrument would be most volatile for that week. Hence, I ended up trading AUD/USD with the foresight of its drop within the week—and that drop really happened. A tip for the other contestants, well, success does not come easy. Take your trading seriously, and always be hungry for more Forex knowledge.

Name: Tomasz Szubert
Contest Nickname: Franklin
Age: 38           
Profession: economist
Ranking: 2nd place, "Europe division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Poland

11 years ago, I started trading Forex. Based on my experience, patience and determination are two of the most crucial traits a trader should have to become truly successful and profitable. Whenever I can, I take time to enlist in some trading courses. I also study graphs sometimes. I personally know for a fact that a trader must be brave enough to face risks; otherwise, there would not be any significant profit. I have been trading in the ForexBall for as long as I can remember. For more or less 60 rounds now, I have actively participated in the contest. I only use technical trading. In the competition, I have learned much about positional trading. Word of advice to my fellow traders in the ForexBall, play in order to win!

Name: Gonzalo Villalobos Santana
Contest Nickname: GOVISA
Age: 39           
Profession: programmer
Ranking: 1st place, "Ibero-America division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 5th time
Country: Chile

I am Mexican but I have been living in Chile for 3 years now. My Forex experience begins almost the same time. I found a new way to make use of my time more effectively. When I learned about trading currencies years back, I got so interested to seriously pursue it. I read many books and reference materials about trading strategies and many other aspects of the Forex market. I believe that as a trader, one must trade using the mind instead of the heart. Trading is a mind game. Your emotions must never ever be involved. It had been 39 times already, and I am even more eager to participate in the ForexBall trading rounds. I personally used a rather technical approach for my trading. In the competition, I was able to develop more patience in my trading performance. Patience is something all traders should most certainly have in order to ensure that they will succeed. To next rounds’ contestants, trade with your head—not with your heart!

Name: Vitor Queiros
Contest Nickname: El guerrix
Age: 39          
Profession: IT technician
Ranking: 3rd place, "Ibero-America division"
Prize: 250USD 
Payout: 3rd time
Country: Portugal
This is already my sixth year trading currencies, and I feel like I am just getting started. I have always been very much interested with the financial markets. For the past years, I have realized how much opportunities there are in a single trading day. However, it is very vital that one learns how to be patient in waiting for the right opportunity to grab. Discipline will make a trader a very successful one. Moreover, one must stick to his trading plan. In the ForexBall, I have already been in 70 rounds. I used a balance of technical and fundamental approaches trading EUR/USD and XAG/USD. For the other participants, I advise you to always be optimistic. Never ever quit. Never be afraid to take calculated risks!

Name: Anton Kuzmin
Contest Nickname: bear
Age: 31           
Profession: engineer
Ranking: 1st place, "Russia and CIS division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Russia
I have been learning how to trade for a few months now. I learned about Forex by accident. And every day I learn something new. I have been interested about financial markets, and because Forex is the biggest one, offers large leverage and is the easiest to get into with small capital. I decided to learn about it a little more; and finally, I ended up trading. In my experience trading, I have come to a conclusion that it is significant to be aware of financial news, create your personal trading plan, and to stick to it no matter what. Personally, I read a lot about Forex. Naturally, I test out on a demo account all my newly discovered trading strategies. If they work out well, I use them on my real account. This is the 25th time I have joined the ForexBall.

Name: Vladimir Shukshin
Contest Nickname: vovahunter
Age: - 
Profession: -
Ranking: 2nd place, "Russia and CIS division" 
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Russia 

For over three years now, I have been trading currencies. I believe to be able to succeed one must have enough patience and hard work. I train myself to become better and better. I usually sign up for free webinars. In the ForexBall, I have participated for so many times already. I was enticed to join the contest because of the attractive prizes. I am very happy to make it to the Top Three. This is a grand achievement for me. I am so proud of myself.

Name: Popovici Mihai
Contest Nickname: Dyabolyk
Age: 23           
Profession: - 
Ranking: 3rd place, "Russia and CIS division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Moldova
I have been seriously studying methodologies on how I can properly manage my finances. I read articles online and I followed several technical analyses very religiously. For multiple times, I have tried and tried in the ForexBall competition. I enjoyed each round because every single one gave me a great opportunity to practice my trading abilities. In my trading, I always followed the market trends. Practicing technical trading, I generally studied graphs and charts to determine my next move. In the competition, I encourage every participant to have fun. Never make unrealistic expectations.

Name: Ahmed abd elfatah abd elmgeed
Contest Nickname: zamalkawy4ever
Age: 21           
Profession: unemployed
Ranking: 1st place, "Rest of the World divison"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Egypt
I have been trading for three years now. In the ForexBall trading competition, I had been in a number of rounds already. In the contest, I was able to practice my trading abilities. Making use of a diverse set of strategies, I was able to determine which strategies worked for my trading style. I consider myself as a risk-taker. To be able to win big, I believe a trader has to risk big as well. As much as possible, I kept up with trends in the market. To the ForexBall contest participants for the following rounds, just have fun while executing your trading plan. Learn from your experience and always be patient and calm in trading positions!

Name: Mostafa Mohamed Gamal El-Din
Contest Nickname: Mostafa22
Age: 21           
Profession: student
Ranking: 2nd place, "Rest of the World division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 4th time
Country: Egypt
Greetings! Praise be to God! Winning is wonderful, but I believe it is quite different this time. It was very nerve-wracking; I won at the last minute. I relied on economic analyses. To win, in my opinion, the trader must be experienced. Right timing is also of the essence. He must be able to close orders at the right time. My advice to other contest participants: do not ever give and believe in yourself; believe that you can achieve the success you are aspiring for. I thank the organizers of the ForexBall competition. And I wish everyone success!

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