Meet the Winners of FX Argon!

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Below you will find winners of FX Argon round that was held between Monday 31st and Friday 4th of September 2015. Total 985 participants.
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Winners of FX Argon round

Name: Thao Nguyen Thi Bach
Contest Nickname: bachthao
Age: 26           
Profession: accountant
Ranking: 1st place, "Asia division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Vietnam
I have been trading for about a year now since I first encountered Forex via the internet. In my time trading Forex, I have learned about the importance of having enough experience in trading. It takes a lot discipline to be able to properly manage your money. I believe that a trader’s greatest competition is himself. He must always be calm and rational. To be able to beat the chart, you must be able to beat yourself first. I learned a lot about Forex on the internet. I make sure to expose myself to different methods of trading so as to develop my trading abilities to the fullest. For about a year, I have been joining different rounds in the ForexBall competition. In the ForexBall, I have always followed the trend in the market. A balanced mix of both technical and fundamental trading is the key to opening successful positions. This is exactly what I did when I traded EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, GBP/CAD, and GBP/AUD in the contest. My advice for next round’s contestants is to never go against the trend; never give up!

Name: Tuly Yeasmin
Contest Nickname: Tuly
Age: -
Profession: - 
Ranking: 2nd place, "Asia division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Bangladesh
First of all, I thank my Allah for making me win this amazing contest. Thanks to the ForexBall for organizing the competition. I think, to become a winner, you must follow the market trend and trade with fundamental and psychological factors. In the competition, I traded XAGUSD in this round. The market is full of opportunities. I have constantly been studying from professional trading websites. By doing so, I got to update myself as regards important, current market data. I have participated in the ForexBall several times already. In the trading contest, I had to really gather enough patience in my trading performance to be able to maximize my chances of profiting. Generally, I consider myself as a fundamental trader. I keep myself on the lookout for various economic news that can significantly impact my trading. I value the experience that I had being a participant in the ForexBall. I am so proud that I was able to win first place. My advice to the other participants is to have patience—lots and lots of it!

Name: Ezat Khan
Contest Nickname: ezat
Age: 33           
Profession: trader
Ranking: 3rd place, "Asia division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Pakistan
I am very pleased to place in the Top 3. After several efforts of participating in the contest, I have finally succeeded. I began trading Forex after learning about it from internet advertisements. In my experience, a trader’s psychological state is the most crucial aspect about trading. I believe how a trader thinks, how he/she would react toward certain market movements, these are the things that a trader has to really be extra cautious of. During my free time, I usually read a lot of technical and fundamental reviews written by experts. The internet is a very vast source of educational materials. The competition gave me an opportunity to practice and improve on my trading skills. For participants in the next rounds, never lose your patience. I wish you good luck!

Name: Rafal Zielonko 
Contest Nickname: belon
Age: 41
Profession: -
Ranking: 1st place, "Europe division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Poland
I am very pleased that for the second time I won the prize in this competition again. I have been trading Forex for several years now. Personally, I prefer to rely on technical analysis and Price Action. I think that a well-designed trading plan helps a lot in making appropriate trading decisions. In the ForexBall, I like the fact that each round lasts only five days.

Name: Ovidiu Ignat
Contest Nickname: ovidiu gnt
Age: 47           
Profession: mechanical engineer
Ranking: 2nd place, "Europe division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Romania
I believe practicing one’s trading skills is the best way to improve and become a more successful trader. Five years ago, I started trading currencies after learning about Forex from the internet. Ever since 2010, I have constantly been studying from professional trading websites. By doing so, I got to update myself as regards important, current market data. I have participated in the ForexBall several times already. In the trading contest, I had to really gather enough patience in my trading performance to be able to maximize my chances of profiting. Generally, I consider myself as a technical trader. However, I still keep myself on the lookout for various economic news that can significantly impact my trading. I value the experience that I had being a participant in the ForexBall. I am so proud that I was able to place for Europe. My advice to the other participants is to have patience—to have hope, lots and lots of it!

Name: Arvydas Kisielius
Contest Nickname: teodoras81
Age: 28           
Profession: trader
Ranking: 3rd place, "Europe division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Lithuania
It was 5 years ago that my friends taught me about trading currencies. Since then, I have been actively trading Forex. In my experience, I have realized that patience is very crucial when trading; and that from patience, a trader can derive timeliness in placing positions. To keep myself updated about the market, read a lot of market news. I also read a lot of Forex books to brush up on my trading know-hows. I have participated for 26 times in the ForexBall contest, and I traded EUR/USD by following the market trend. To the contestants for the next rounds, always be confident; never place a position without being certain about the market’s over-all status. Keep yourself updated on market events.
Name: Alvaro Ropero Navarro
Contest Nickname: mecenas
Age: 40           
Profession: -
Ranking: 1st place,"Ibero-America division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 8th time
Country: Spain

This is a wonderful thing. I won again. I just did the same things I did on the previous rounds that I also won. Other than that, I started using a different indicator called Bollinger Bands. And I have seen amazing results and very good level of success from doing so. It is an indicator that did not know before and have discovered by chance. I will continue practice using it in the following weeks to gauge the effectiveness of this indicator in my trading strategy.

Name: Immaculada Bermejo Baltar
Contest Nickname: inma
Age: 33           
Profession: saleswoman 
Ranking: 2nd place,"Ibero-America division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 5th time
Country: Spain
I am very excited to win once again for the fifth time. As in the past, I have followed the stochastics and the trends to monitor the market movements and luckily I have not failed. Trading is a mind game. Your emotions must never ever be involved. It had been multiple times already, and I am even more eager to participate in the ForexBall trading rounds. I personally used a rather technical approach for my trading. In the competition, I was able to develop more patience in my trading performance. Patience is something all traders should most certainly have in order to ensure that they will succeed. To next rounds’ contestants, trade with your head—not with your heart! Thank you very much for everything.

Name: Jaime Muñoz de la Torre Sanchez
Contest Nickname: vallepusa
Age: 52           
Profession: consultant
Ranking: 3rd place,"Ibero-America division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Spain

This is already my 17th year trading currencies, and I feel like I am just getting started. Little by little, I learned by gathering more information about the markets. For the past years, I have realized how much opportunities there are in a single trading day. However, it is very vital that one learns how to be patient in waiting for the right opportunity to grab. Patience will make a trader a good one. In the ForexBall, I used technical trading. I used the Stochastic Oscillator to work my way through the charts. For the other participants, I advise you to always be optimistic. Never be discouraged!
Name: Daynovich Andrey
Contest Nickname: andreyday
Age: 26           
Profession: -
Ranking: 1st place, "Russia and CIS division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 3rd time
Country: Russia
What a wonderful thing it is to win! For this round, I traded in big volumes. I traded using a balance of fundamental and technical approaches. In my opinion, to be a really good trader, one must have much discipline in his trading practice. I apply this discipline even to the way I enrich my trading knowledge. I make it a point to listen to the comments and advice of more advanced professional traders. For about 60 times already, I have been joining in the ForexBall with much enthusiasm. The whole experience taught me how to be more patient and disciplined in the positions I executed. I encourage the participants of the coming rounds to always read about trading and to work hard in developing discipline and patience in handling the market.


Name: Zys Tatiana
Contest Nickname: Tusya
Age: 40           
Profession: teacher
Ranking: 3rd place, "Russia and CIS division"
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Belarus

To win 3rd place in the ForexBall, is a very wonderful achievement. For the past 8 years, I have been making use of several technical indicators to help me plan my trades. I closely looked out for support and resistance levels. In my competition experience, I have learned to stay calm despite the sudden movements in the market. A clear and rational mind is very helpful in making my positions well thought of; and hence, I ended up with highly profitable trades. I am so proud of my achievement!

Name: Abdelilah Aulas
Contest Nickname: vivo8
Age: 32           
Profession: trader
Ranking: 1st place, "Rest of the World division"
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 5th time
Country: Morocco
I managed to get the 1st place in the competition for the second time where I relied on classical analysis and news analysis. Sometime along the way, I did a bit of Scalping thanks to the low spreads available in the ForexBall competition. Nothing is impossible in this wonderful competition. Everyone has the chance to win big.


Name: Massinissa Ameziane
Contest Nickname: Fxmassy
Age: 29           
Profession: financial analyst
Ranking: 2nd place, "Rest of the World division"
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 4th time
Country: Algeria
ForexBall is the best Forex contest in the world. It gives an equal chance to everyone to learn and get a starting capital to start a great career in this amazing and exciting market. This is the 7th time that I have won in this trading competition, and I'm so happy with it. My goal now is to rank in the Top 3 for Global. I am not going to give up before getting it! MTrading is the best broker and ForexBall is the best trading competition, I hope all new and expert traders will join this broker and this competition to realize their dreams. Thanks to everyone who gave us this chance to become better traders!
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Kind regards, 
ForexBall™ International Trading Championship Team


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