Meet the Winners of Spread FX!

Author Eva Fox Category ForexBall News 17 Aug 2015 Updated at 12:20 CET
Below you will find winners of Spread FX round that was held between Monday 3rd and Friday 7th of August 2015. Total 975 participants.

Name: Rashid Iqbal
Contest Nickname: Greatforex
Age: 33          
Profession: Businessman
Ranking: 1st place, Asia
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 6th time
Country: Pakistan
I started trading Forex 6 years ago. Back then, I initially used a demo account to make myself familiar with the trading platform. Eventually, with my goal of improving my trading skills, I stumbled upon a trading competition named ForexBall. In the contest, I utilized my own technical analyses and I made sure that tight SL and TP levels were put into place. I think the most important thing for traders is the continuous learning process. Learning about the market and perfecting your trading strategy will help you get ahead of other traders. Furthermore, I do my best to control my emotions whenever I have open positions. By doing so, I am able to make sure that all my positions are well thought of.

Name: Saravanan
Contest Nickname: Saradushy
Age: 33          
Profession: Software Specialist
Ranking: 2nd place, Asia
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: India
It all began when I attended a Forex seminar by MTrading. Since then I have been trading currencies for almost a year now. To learn more about the financial market, I always exert an effort to watch video tutorials online. Moreover, I also follow economic news from reputable sources like Bloomberg. In the 8 times I have participated in the ForexBall, I have proven that the ForexBall is the real deal. It is not a scam like other “trading contests”. It is on a weekly basis so the contest itself doesn’t eat up much of your precious time. In this round, I traded EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY while applying a more fundamental approach. My advice to other participants would be to never stop learning more about Forex. Knowledge is power!
Name: Sandun Kumara
Contest Nickname: hewagegh
Age: 28          
Profession: School Teacher
Ranking: 3rd place, Asia
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Sri Lanka
Since 2013, I started learning about Forex trading. To keep myself updated, I always follow daily economic news. As a trader, I have the drive to always keep on discovering new ways to improve my strategy. Joining the ForexBall proved to be one good way for traders to test their skills and make them even better. So far, I have already been in 22 rounds. What I like most about this contest is the fact that it runs weekly—meaning to say, I can participate that frequently as well. In the last round, I traded EUR/USD and Silver. I encourage all the other contestants to always monitor daily market news and to master how to properly use indicators.

Name: Stan Alin Claudiu
Contest Nickname: salin
Age: 40
Profession: Unemployed
Ranking: 1st place, Europe
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 2nd time
Country: Romania
I have learned to be patient, to anticipate the next move in the market, and to only open positions that bring me profit. I used maximum lots on each trade and I did short-term trading (scalping) as well. I usually trade Gold because it is the most volatile from the pairs tradable and is very vulnerable to US economic news. I like the ForexBall because it is a fair competition and it gives traders the opportunity to test their strategy and also win without a risk. My advice to other traders in the competitions is to analyze the market, be patient, decide when to open and close a position. Make an exit strategy, and if something goes wrong, minimize loss by remaining calm and adherent with your trading plan.

Name: Radoslaw Drupka
Contest Nickname: PequalS
Age: 27          
Profession: Artist
Ranking: 2nd place, Europe
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Poland
Advertisements online gave way for me to find out about Forex trading about 6 years ago. In the years of trading that I already have, I believe what is crucial to be able to succeed in trading is keeping a cool head, never let emotions get the best of you. Also, you must religiously follow your trading plan to minimize potential losses and increase potential profit. I keep myself educated by reading online articles and by following economic calendars to know about the most important market events. For the ForexBall, I have been in more or less 20 rounds already. What I like about the competition is that it helps traders better our trading strategies. It is also a good venue for us to experience the pressures of trading and to understand how to deal with these pressures. Trading EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD, I utilized a perfect balance of technical and fundamental in my approach. My only advice to contestants is to think fast and act fast.
Name: Mohamed El Hannach Benamar
Contest Nickname: traderpc
Age: - 
Profession: -
Ranking: 1st place, Ibero
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 4th time
Country: Spain
I have been trading for 2 years now. I learned about Forex from online advertisements. In the ForexBall trading competition, I had been in 4 rounds already. In the contest, I was able to practice my trading abilities. Making use of a diverse set of strategies, I was able to determine which strategies worked for my trading style. I consider myself as a risk-taker. To be able to win big, I believe a trader has to risk big as well. As much as possible, I kept up with trends in the market. However, in some of my orders, I went against the trend—but while doing so, I placed trades in smaller volumes. To the ForexBall contest participants for the following rounds, just have fun while executing your trading plan. Learn from your experience and always be patient!
Name: Antonio Sanchez Serrano
Contest Nickname: Antonio1024
Age: 43          
Profession: Programmer
Ranking: 2nd place, Ibero
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 11th time
Country: Spain
Being a computer guy, I love playing online games. The way I look at trading in the financial markets is that it is like playing a game—one needs to have a strong strategy to succeed at reaching the goal. I enjoy going through the technical indicators on MetaTrader 4. The techy man in me motivated me to explore how the platform can help me out in executing more highly effective trades. In the ForexBall contest, I used a lot of technical indicators like the Bollinger Bands, and I used the 1H and 1W timeframes because they were more stable for my trading strategy. I also applied what I learned about the Hurst Theory in the competition. I just enjoyed myself and I never became too anxious about my strategy. In the end, I won!

Name: Masoud Sedaghatzadeh
Contest Nickname: mohammad
Age: 34          
Profession: Civil Engineer
Ranking: 1st place, Rest of the World
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 4th time
Country: Iran
This achievement just makes me so proud of what I have achieved in my trading experience. For this round, I traded the EURJPY pair, and it did amazing things for my trades. I waited for the strong support patiently. Upon reaching the level, I bought at a good buy point. I monitored the price movement by watching the news. I diligently looked out for relevant news to come out before I make a new position. By doing so, I was able to determine excellent entry and exit points. Over-all, it was all about being patient. I encourage other participants of the ForexBall to be more patient. If you become so aggressive in trading, you sometimes lose track of your trading plan.

Name: Joshua OlaribigbeOlaitan
Contest Nickname: DivineFX
Age: 40           
Profession: Trader
Ranking: 2nd place, Rest of the World
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 1st time
Country: Nigeria
It has been 7 years since I learned about Forex from a friend. Every day, I watch the news to learn about significant economic news which would help me out with my trading. So far, in the ForexBall, I was already able to join more than 10 rounds. In the trading competition, I generally used a lot of technical analysis when I traded major currency pairs. Being able to place in the Spread FX round is such a milestone in my trading life. It makes me feel very self-fulfilled. My advice for the other contestants is to make sure to use a lot of the technical indicators on the platform to increase the profitability of each trade. I managed to get the 2nd place; everyone has the chance to win big in this competition.

Name: Massinissa Ameziane
Contest Nickname: Fxmassy
Age: 29           
Profession: Financial Analyst
Ranking: 3rd place, Rest of the World
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 6th time
Country: Algeria
ForexBall is the best Forex contest in the world. It gives an equal chance to everyone to learn and get a starting capital to start a great career in this amazing and exciting market. This is the 6th time that I have won in this trading competition, and I'm so happy with it. My goal now is to rank in the Top 3 for Global. I am not going to give up before getting it! MTrading is the best broker and ForexBall is the best trading competition, I hope all new and expert traders will join this broker and this competition to realize their dreams. Thanks to everyone who gave us this chance to become better traders!

Participating in the ForexBall™ trading competition is completely free of charge. Each participant is entitled to take part in four rounds of the competition without any restrictions. To participate in more than four rounds, simply fund a live account or open one.
Kind regards, 
ForexBall™ International Trading Championship Team


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