Meet the Winners of Ask FX!

Author Eva Fox Category ForexBall News 10 Aug 2015 Updated at 11:21 CET
Below you will find winners of Ask FX round that was held between Monday 27th and Friday 31st of July 2015. Total 943 participants.
Name: Mayengbam Ranjit Luwang
Contest Nickname: mrlfx
Age: 38
Profession: Trader
Ranking: 1st place, Asia
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 1st
Country: India
I have been trading since 2011. My interest in trading in the equity market led to my discovery of Forex trading. I believe to be able to succeed a trader needs patience, dedication, and focus. Of course, he/she would most importantly need a good trading strategy. To keep myself updated, I keep tabs on financial news from both Bloomberg and CNBC. I also check internet sites like Forex Factory for fundamental information. For the ForexBall, I have been in the competition since January 2013. I have already won the first prize twice prior to winning it again in this round. The ForexBall is among the best trading contests in the world. Its uniqueness lies in the individual prizes for different regions around the world. I traded EUR/USD, EUR/AUD, GBP/AUD, and XAU/USD. For that, I used both technical and fundamental analyses. My advice to other traders, find a profitable strategy and stick to it.
Name: Phi Van Linh
Contest Nickname: VitChua
Age: 27
Profession: Sales
Ranking: 2nd place, Asia
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 3rd
Country: Vietnam
It has been 5 years since I began trading currencies. A friend of mine is the reason why I found out about it. In my opinion, a trader needs confidence in his/her skills so he/she can start bringing in profit. Personally, to make myself better, I always practice trading. I constantly exert effort to learn more about effective ways for me to earn from my trades. In the past 105 rounds of the ForexBall, I have been very active. I already won 2 prizes before I won in this round. What I like most about the competition is the fact that it is not a scam. For the other contest participants, I only have one tip—endure! 
Name: Lap Nguyen Doc
Contest Nickname: ranty2013
Age: 40
Profession: Life Insurance Agent
Ranking: 3rd place, Asia
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st
Country: Vietnam
Since 2010, I got hooked into trading in the Forex market. I just learned about it from the internet. I believe you need to be patient and very rational if you want to trade currencies. To keep myself updated, I follow news and trading analyses. After being in 87 rounds of the ForexBall, my efforts paid off. This is the first time I was able to place in the Top 3. This competition gave me a chance to improve my skills as a trader. In this round, I traded AUD/USD. I applied a balanced strategy of both technical and fundamental trading. I encourage all the other ForexBall contestants to be persistent.
Name: Peter Alexandru
Contest Nickname: voltaj
Age: 37
Profession: Technician
Ranking: 1st place, Europe
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 6th
Country: Romania
After learning about Forex trading, I did my best to keep myself in the best possible shape as a trader. For 6 rounds in the ForexBall now, I have not won any prize apart from what I just won now. I am so pleased with this wonderful achievement. It gives me great confidence knowing that I have the skills needed to win in my region. I encourage everyone to not give up on trading.
Name: Cristian Alvarez M.
Contest Nickname: PuedeSer
Age: 43
Profession: Chemical Engineer
Ranking: 1st place, Ibero
Prize: 1000USD
Country: Chile
My trading is about 90% based on technical analysis, I am a follower of the price action and only use a few moving averages over areas of support and resistance to make my trades. However, I still always keep myself informed about the global economy. In addition to daily global economic events, I also try to take advantage of any price movement that occur. I changed my approach and I decided to first understand the price movement in detail. With patience and with many hours of being active in the market, just watching and using demo accounts, I am convinced that the ForexBall is a good starting point for anyone who wants to be a profitable trader. One must first strive to understand the market, price movements, and have a global vision that they can then use to cope with better chances of success in their trading activity.
Name: Marcelo Ortiz Pina
Contest Nickname: MAR 16
Age: 51
Profession: - 
Ranking: 2nd place, Ibero
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 1st
Country: Spain
For two years now, I have been trading in the Forex market. I learned about trading online. In my years of trading, I have realized the importance of following market analyses. To learn more about trading, I read documents about trading and I also attend tutorials and trading seminars. For about 15 rounds now, I have been participating in the ForexBall. In the contest, I relied on trading signals. For my strategy, I utilized technical indicators more than fundamental ones. My only advice for other contestants is to always be attentive as regards the sudden changes in market movement.
Name: Ruben Blanco Fernandez
Contest Nickname: Vaklam
Age: 33
Profession: Web Developer
Ranking: 3rd place, Ibero
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 1st
Country: Spain
A friend introduced trading currencies to me about 3 years ago. Since then, I have been actively participating in trading contests. In my opinion, it is crucial to have ample experience and a lot of patience to be able to conquer the Forex market. Whenever possible, I watch webinars and video tutorials online to brush up on my knowledge on how to effectively trade. In the ForexBall, I have been in 23 rounds so far. What I do in the rounds is that I use 2 indicators—Stochastic and Volumes. I also look at different timeframes and monitor trendlines as well. I prefer using a more technical approach. I traded EUR/USD in the said round. I urge all traders in the competition to remain patient. Do not rush. Always wait for the right time to make a move.
Name: Adigun Oluwaseun Layiwola
Contest Nickname: shuenbabao
Age: 28
Profession: Biochemist
Ranking: 1st place, Rest of the World
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 2nd
Country: Nigeria
7 years had already passed and I am still very much into trading currencies. Discovering about Forex trading is a very important event in my life. I am so glad that I attended training seminars about Forex which led me to become a trader myself. In my opinion, what is very crucial in trading is having the right state of mind and having much discipline. To keep myself up-to-date with all the events happening around the globe, I read articles and follow economic news online. In the many times that I have been in the ForexBall, the prizes never fail to entice me. I like that with its regional contest structure, everyone around the world has a chance at getting the prizes. My strategy in this round is that I monitored price action. I also used some indicators like the Bollinger band and Stochastics, as well as moving averages. 
Name: Abdelilah Aulas
Contest Nickname: vivo8
Age: 32
Profession: Trader
Ranking: 2nd place, Rest of the World
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 3rd
Country: Morocco
I managed to get the 2nd place in the competition for the third time where I relied on classical analysis and news analysis. Sometime along the way, I did a bit of Scalping thanks to the low spreads available in the ForexBall competition. Nothing is impossible in this wonderful competition. Everyone has the chance to win big.


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