Meet the winners of FX Matter season!

Author Eva Fox Category ForexBall News 14 Jul 2015 Updated at 09:40 CET
Dear Traders,

Below you can see success stories that was sent to us by winners of FX Matter season that was held between 8th of June and 3rd or July. 4478 traders were competing for top-3 in each of four rounds and for this final top-3. 

1st place

Name: Zaza Chegelidze
Contest Nickname: drako
Age: 51
Profession: Builder
Ranking: 1sr place in season FX Matter
Prize: 3000 USD
Payout: 2
Country: Georgia
I started trading Forex about 7 years ago. During that time, I already started learning the theoretical aspect of trading and was practicing what I learned. Over the years, I have developed a much stricter sense of discipline. In my honest opinion, discipline is very crucial to becoming a successful trader. I have been in 43 rounds of the ForexBall. For several times, I have placed in the Top 10. The prizes are amazing! During the rounds I was in, I traded based on the over-all direction of the market. Generally, these are what I can advise the other participants: always be disciplined and always follow the market trend—do both of these and you will be alright.

2nd place

Name: Sergiu Onica
Contest Nickname: SerhiO
Age: 31         
Profession: Designer
Ranking: 2nd place in season FX Matter
Prize: 2000 USD
Payout: 3
Country: Moldova

Three years ago, I was looking for an opportunity to earn more. In my opinion, what is crucial to successful Forex trading is the psychological aspect. Traders must not let their emotions get in the way of their trading. Another important thing would be: discipline. Whenever I have time, I always look for additional information regarding trading. Whatever I learn, I practice. If it works for me, I include it into my personal trading system. The ForexBall is the only contest in which I participated in. I enjoyed my experience. This is already my second time to win in this region. To the other contestants, believe in yourselves and keep your emotions under control. I wish you all good luck!

3rd place

Name: Komarov Sergey G.
Contest Nickname: komser
Age: 50
Profession: -
Ranking: 3rd place in season FX Matter
Prize: 1000 USD
Payout: 3
Country: Russia
Since 2010, I became very interested with trading currencies. I am fortunate enough to be able to come up with my personal trading strategy over the years. During my available time, I follow market news and articles. I also attend webinars. For the ForexBall, I have been in 80 rounds so far. The competition is great. It is very exciting and the prizes are wonderful. For the future participants, I encourage you to put your emotions aside. Fewer emotions mean more profit.


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