Meet the Winners of Betelgeuse

Author Eva Fox Category Trading Articles 15 Jun 2015 Updated at 09:04 CET
Below you will find winners of Betelgeuse round that was held between Monday 1st and Friday 5th of June 2015. Total 1194 participants.

Name: Anh Tran Dong
Contest Nickname: anhanh
Age: 57         
Profession: Teacher
Ranking: 2nd place, Asia
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 3rd
Country: Vietnam
First of all I would like to thank organizers of the ForexBall. I am very happy and surprised to place 2nd in this round. The ForexBall contest is a very interesting competition. It has been a year now since I started trading Forex. As a newbie, I consider myself very lucky. With my trading experience, I have learned to understand that the market situation is quite volatile. Hence, I am mastering the skill of properly determining whether to stop the position or go further. For sure, I will still be joining in the upcoming rounds of the contest.

Name: Denislav Iliev Andonov
Contest Nickname: struan
Age: 35         
Profession: Military
Ranking: 2nd place, Europe
Prize: 500USD
Payout: 7th
Country: Bulgaria
Five years ago, I started trading Forex when I learned about it from news on the internet. Over time, I have realized the importance of taking trading seriously. In trading, you must really think things through before you do something. To keep myself up-to-date with all the market events, I often read internet news and follow the economic calendar. In the ForexBall, I have been actively participating for two years now. For this round, I traded the NZD/USD because it was very much volatile then. I balanced both technical and fundamental factors to profit, and it worked.

Name: Antonio Mourin Lopez
Contest Nickname: CeltaM
Age: 47         
Profession: Retired
Ranking: 1st place, Ibero
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 6th
Country: Spain
This is not the first time I won in the ForexBall. Trading with EUR/USD, I relied primarily on technical indicators. I followed monitored divergence indicators, RSI, CCI, etc. However, I also followed some fundamental data like the employment news and IPC to name a few. In the end, I won! This is a very happy moment for me.

Name: Alvaro Ropero Navarro
Contest Nickname: mecenas
Age: 40         
Profession: ***
Ranking: 3rd place, Ibero
Prize: 250USD
Payout: 5th
Country: Spain
This is a wonderful thing. I won again. I just did the same things I did on the previous rounds that I also won. Other than that, I started using a different indicator called Bollinger Bands. And I have seen amazing results and very good level of success from doing so. It is an indicator that did not know before and have discovered by chance. I will continue practice using it in the following weeks to gauge the effectiveness of this indicator in my trading strategy.

Name: Leander Sirotkin
Contest Nickname: sfaxxx
Age: 52         
Profession: Electronics Engineer
Ranking: 1st place, Russia and CIS
Prize: 1000USD
Payout: 1st
Country: Russia
Because of my desire to be financially independent, I started trading in the Forex market six years ago. Since then, I have discovered the importance of having an effective trading strategy. I started relying on my trading indicators and decided when to enter and exit the market with a clear mind. Emotions should never be part of your trading. Otherwise, it is going to lead to losses and a whole lot of problems. In the ForexBall, I was motivated to win. The prizes are very good; especially during the season rounds. I joined in as much rounds as I can to increase my chances of winning the awesome prizes. I wish all the other participants the best of luck!

Name: Alisher Gapirov
Contest Nickname: TOPMO3
Age: 47         
Profession: Driver
Ranking: 2nd place, Russia and CIS
Prize: 7th
Payout: 500USD
Country: Uzbekistan
Six years ago, a friend recommended that I start trying out trading Forex. Through the years, my experience taught me that patience is a very important trait a trader should always have. Since the ForexBall started, I have been joining all rounds. I won a lot of times already, and I even won 1st place for a season round. That is my proudest moment. Winning is difficult, but the prizes are very hard to resist.

Name: Alexey Barin
Contest Nickname: BAR18
Age: 33         
Profession: Soldier
Ranking: 3rd place, Russia and CIS
Prize: 1st
Payout: 500USD
Country: Russia
2007 marks the start of my trading career. I got so interested in trading since I bought a book about the Forex market a year earlier. Discipline is very important if you want to succeed as trader. I have learned this in my years of trading ever since I started. In trading, I mainly use technical analyses. Although we must not forget about the importance of market news, I just personally prefer looking into graphical analysis, charts, candlesticks, Fibo levels, etc. I have joined many rounds in the ForexBall, and every single one of them was worth taking a shot at winning the prizes for. My advice to other contestants is to always secure your trades; always use protective measures to make sure you do not risk more than you can handle.


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