I have already signed up for 4 rounds. How can I participate more?
Everyone is allowed to participate in the ForexBall up to 4 times. Once you have signed up for 4 rounds, you will be allowed to join more rounds after opening and funding your real account with any deposit.
My country is not listed in the registration form of the ForexBall™ – can I still participate in the trading competition?
The main organizer of the ForexBall™ International Trading Championship is Admiral Markets (AM). As MTrading (MT) is co-participating in ForexBall™ (FXB), then residents of countries restricted by AM and MT are unable to take part in the contest.
Can I still participate in the ForexBall™ competition if I did not win in a previous round?
Of course! You can participate in every round of every season, independent of your results in previous rounds.
Can more than one person participate in the trading championship from the same computer?
No. Due to the risk of fraud – of someone opening more than one account in the competition to gain an unfair advantage – any accounts that are being used on the same computer during the contest will be closed. This measure is taken to make sure that trading in the ForexBall™ adheres to fairplay.
Who is the organizer of ForexBall and why do I have to register at Traders Room?
Admiral Markets is the broker that organizes, funds, and runs the trading contest. The contest will require you to register in the Trader’s Room of AM or MT before you can register for the ForexBall™ rounds. This is just so track of the participants’ profit can be kept throughout the contest. Registration is free and you won’t need to submit any financial information when you first register. Besides that, your prize will be credited in a trading account opened via Trader’s Room.
Do I need to have a live account or be an active client of AM or MT to participate in the ForexBall™ Trading Championship?
No. Everyone is welcome to join the free FXB tournament for up to 4 tries. No deposit, credit card or money of any kind is required. Just sign-up for free and participate in the contest, it's as simple as that. No strings attached. However, to participate in more than 4 rounds you will be required to open and fund a live account with AM or MT.
Why can't I register for the ForexBall?
If your country appears in the registration drop-down list as active and you still have problems registering for the ForexBall™, then please email us at info@forexball.com.
Do I have to complete a new registration for every contest round?
You only have to register in the Traders Room once and that is it. But you do have to join each round of the ForexBall™ that you want to participate in separately, by logging in to the Traders Room. If you already have a Traders Room account, just login and you can register for the current or any upcoming competition rounds under the ForexBall™ section.
Why can't I see my nickname / results in the ForexBall™ competition standings?
Only contestants whose current balance exceeds the initial starting deposit are displayed in the ForexBall™ standings. Also, the ratings are not a live feed but are updated periodically, several times a day, so make sure you check back later if you can't find your nickname.
I made it to the top 3 of my division! How do I collect my trading contest prize?
Congratulations! You won! To collect your prize, you are required to have a live account with AM or MT (depending on which Trader’s Room was used to participate). You can create one after you have won and the prize money will be deposited there. Once the money is in a live account, you need to trade a certain volume before you are allowed to withdraw the initial balance and the profit. This is in line with the educational and training purpose of the FXB competition.
What is the difference between the round ranking and the season ranking?
One round are 100 hours of trading, starting each week on Monday at 10-00 GMT and lasting until Friday at 14-00 GMT. One season consists of four rounds. During a weekly round contest, the participants compete against other traders in their division only; the three highest ranking players of each division win prizes. The seasonal rating is based on the results of the corresponding four rounds. Winners of the season are the traders who have shown the best overall performance during the four rounds of a given season. They do not need to win one of the weekly rounds to achieve the overall highest performance. Divisions do not matter for the monthly rating; the seasonal rating selects the best players on a global level.

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